Wedding Planning

Few times in life are as exciting as when you get engaged and become a bride-to-be. Your journey towards the big day will surely be filled with lots of love, laughter, excitement, and overwhelming planning. From ideas you’ve had since you were a little girl to dreamy images you just saw in the latest magazine, organizing a wedding and visualizing everything you have in your head is a lot of work. It seems like every item branches out into a million little details. How do you keep track? Whether you decide to hire a wedding planner or not, our lists can help you stay focused and more sane.

Start with the Wedding Checklist. It will help you break down the process and make sense of it all from day one of your engagement all the way to the wedding day. You can even adjust it to work for your Engagement Party, Ghumra, Milka or any other big event.


Of course wedding details can get out of hand making the cost rocket sky high. To make sure your budget stays on track, refer to our Wedding Budget List.


One of the fun responsibilities couples usually work on together is the wedding registry. However, selecting the gifts is also serious work because it requires careful thinking and decision making about items you will live with for a long time to come and thus must appeal to both of you. This list helps you remember everything you need:


Another enjoyable item couples usually like to select together is the wedding music. However, you both have many favorites. That’s why our Wedding Songs List helps you narrow down what and when would be played during the wedding to create special memories.


Who says all the work falls on the bride? The groom has some preparations of his own and this list can help him -and you- keep track of his responsibilities no matter how much he procrastinates.


Most fun of all is -no doubt- preparing your trousseau! Getting married is a green light to shop till you drop! Just make sure you plan well so your new wardrobe covers all your needs from glam parties to island getaways and even a Umrah.


As you get closer to the big day you need to pack for your honeymoon. Where do you even start? Is it even possible to take everything you bought for your trousseau? Check this list to make it less overwhelming:


Once you’ve finally arrived at the wedding day, it’s important to have ready the bridal suitcase as well as some emergency supplies to dodge any last minute surprises that could mar your joy. Your quick lunch salad stuck in your teeth? The flower girl cut her finger? You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget to pack little things like floss and band-aids. Check this list for all the essentials.


Last but not least, remember to relax, take deep breaths and enjoy the process. It’s stressful on everyone involved but the proper planning and organization can make it easier and more enjoyable