Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step by arranging

a consolation with us.


As holistic organizers we begin by understanding the whole picture. We meet with you to discuss your needs and goals in order to create lasting solutions that will enhance your life in a positive way.


When looking at clutter in a holistic manner, we begin by understanding how you are currently using your space and more importantly how you would like to use the space. Once your goals are established, we will work together to de-clutter what is no longer needed. During the purging process we will discuss ways to adjust habits to cultivate a streamlined life. Next we will organize and place each item with purpose and will do everything from space planning to the final design and execution.


Our goal is to create the home or workspace of your dreams through de-cluttering and simplifying. Spaces that are functional, inviting and inspiring energize us by improving quality of life and allowing us to be relaxed and productive.

Once we have reviewed your goals the next step is to set up a time line to carry out each phase of the process. We understand our clients have busy schedules and will work with you as efficiently as possible to ensure the process goes smoothly. While it might have taken you months or years to create clutter, we promise to have your home and workspace beautifully organized in a much shorter time frame.

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